A lot of bugs are occurring this year.

We are doing cleaning with the chitin, but we can not catch up with the correspondence and cause inconvenience to our customers

However, it would be great if you think that the place where bugs are located is a rich natural environment.
Ukawaonsen Yoshinonosato

【Official】Ukawaonsen Yoshinonosato

Accommodation Features·Facility

  • Marche

    Yoshino no sato is a handmade market of Ukawa.A lot of fresh vegetables and processed goods that local farmers put up with in the direct sales place are lined up as they are narrowed.
    From fresh vegetables and fruits, from sea products in the sea towns, to products selected from all over Japan, items are also abundant.

    There are also original products that made jam of blueberry caught in the Ukawa Hot Springs site, made mulberry leaf tea or made use of the grace of Ukawa.
    Every morning the caught vegetables made by local farmers are arranged.Guests staying at the hotel can enjoy the vegetables with the slices in the room.
  • Wood deck

    Seasonal flowers and wrapped in the sun.
    Beautiful green and vast farms.Under the eyes of the majestic Sea of ​​Japan that changes its expression every moment ....On the grass square in front of the clubhouse, we also have a garden table that arranges the lovely flowers of the four seasons.
    Inside the facility, a balinese incense and harmony of harmony are harmonized, and an asian tastefully shaded space display is given.
  • public

    It is a facility that fully Yoshino no sato the charm of "Ukawa Hot Springs, Yoshino no sato" surrounded by the scent of forests, the refreshing wind of the sea, and the blessings of nature.
    Relaxingly soaked in hot springs, walking through forests, eating delicious ...
    Please enjoy the nature of Japan's hometown "Ukawa" in your enjoyment.
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