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Hot Springs·One-day hot springs

Soaked in a soft hot spring overlooking the Sea of ​​Japan and healed

※We received instructions from Kyotango City for bathing equipment repair work due to aging.Therefore, you cannot use the hot spring from February 22, 2019 to the end of March, 2019 (planned).

Using natural hot springs that spring from 1,200m below the ground, it also has an open-air bath, lukewarm water, hot spring bath, and a sauna.
The alkaline water quality of ph 8.69 is warm water that wraps around the skin, and the skin of the next morning is very popular with women as it remains smooth.
  • Hot Springs, Those who use a day trip hot spring

    Hot spring bath hours
    11:00 to 21:00(20:30 Reception closed)
    Hot spring bathing category
    At this hot spring, the men's and women's baths change daily.
    Hot spring qualities
    Sodium-sulfate/bicarbonate/chloride hot spring(Hypotonic alkaline high spring)
    ·Spring temperature 42.2℃(Temperature 29.0℃)
    ·Discharge rate 66.7L/min(Submersible pump type)
    ·Perceptual test colorless,Transparent,Tasteless,Odorless
    ·pH value 8.74(Glass electrode method)
    ·Electrical conductivity 145mS/m
    ① General indications
    Chronic muscle or joint pain or stiffness (rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, low back pain, neuralgia, chronic shoulders such as shoulder pain, bruise, and sprains), muscle stiffness in motor paralysis, impaired glucose tolerance (diabetes), mild Hypercholesterolemia, mild asthma or emphysema, hemorrhoid pain, convalescent recovery, fatigue recovery, health promotion

    ② Spring quality indications
    Scratches, peripheral circulatory disorders, coldness, depression, dry skin
    ·We are prohibiting the use of hot springs of those with tattoos and tattoos.
    ·Visitors are not allowed to wear swimsuits only.Please come after wearing your jacket.
    Usage fee
    Adults (junior high school students and above) 600 yen Children (3 to elementary school students) 400 yen 2 years and under Free
  • Sea Onsen, "Ryugu"

    Enjoy the seascape, hot water of the view.Sea Onsen "Ryugu" Sea Onsen

    In the morning and evening, and the Tango sea which changes the expression every moment every moment.
    Sea Onsen "Ryugu" Sea Onsen offers a breathtaking view of the Sea Onsen Japan from the bathhouse
    It is a superb view bath, and it looks like a heavenly bath.

    From the open-air bath you can see the Sea of ​​Japan and it has an open atmosphere as it is on the hill.
    The sea is visible not only from the open-air bath but also from the inner bath and sauna, especially in the evening
    It will give you the healing of bliss while bathing in the sunset.
  • Mountain Onsen, "Koguya"

    Bamboo groves are beautiful, hot water.Mountain Onsen "Koguya"

    Beautiful bamboo grove spreading in front of you.
    It seems like a fairy tale that lights are swaying on the surface of the water.
    It is a forest hot water where the sunlight and greenery of the forest are clear in the morning and you can hear the singing of birds if you listen carefully.

    In the morning, the green with bamboo grove spread in front of you is pleasant, and you can enjoy the atmosphere of a refreshing mountain
    Unlike Sea Onsen "Ryugu" Sea Onsen, you can feel the power of the earth that "Tango Kingdom 1300 History" boasts.
  • Ukawaonsen overview

    Closed on Thursday
    ※No particular period such as summer vacation, year-end and new year holidays

    Every Monday and Friday,"Silver day"
     Hot spring bathing fee is half price (300 yen) for those over 65 years old

    Every month, on the 26th, "day of the bath"
     A half-price coupon for hot spring bathing is given to those who take a bath
     ※If 26th is a regular holiday, it will be 25th

    On the second Tuesday of every month,"Ladies Day"
     For women, the hot spring bathing fee is 200 yen discount

    On the fourth Wednesday of every month,"Men's Day"
     For men, the hot spring bathing fee is 200 yen discount
    Treatment for people with disabilities
     Regarding persons with severe disabilities who cannot take a bath alone
     The bathing fee is free for one accompanying person

Equipment outline

Hot spring equipment

Hot water, hot water, sauna, open-air bath, cold bath

Facility equipment

Accommodation building / camp site /shop / Table tennis / Massage machine / Ice/milk vending machine 

About equipment

In the hot spring, rinse-in shampoo/body soap/dryer is always available.
There are no towels provided, so if you are going to use a hot spring for a day trip, please bring or purchase a towel.

Bath towel 500 yen Face towel 200 yen

Free parking