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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there rooms in hot spring facilities?

    Accommodation building is away to keep quiet environment.
    It is less than a minute's walk to the Onsen building.
  • Could you lay your futon?

    We do not serve futon at our hotel.
    Because the concept is to be free,
    We are self-service.
  • Do you have any good cookware to take with you?

    We prepare dishes, cups and chopsticks according to the number of people and cooking utensils in the guest room.
    If you would like to preparContinue reading
  • When is the use time of hot springs?

    ※Until the end of September, 1980 (planned), for hot spring repair work,
     The hot spring is closed.

    Guests' hot springs are available untilContinue reading
  • Can I do BBQ?

    BBQ is from April to October. We recommend crab pot in winter.
    It is possible in the garden immediately after leaving from the room being sContinue reading
  • Is the bath on the sea side today, Menyu? Is it female hot water?

    ※Until the end of September, 1980 (planned), for hot spring repair work,
     One-day hot springs are closed.

    Please call us directly (0772-76Continue reading
  • Is the restaurant open?

    ※Until the end of September, 1980 (planned), for hot spring repair work,
    The restaurant and the creative cuisine Takashima are closed.

    ThContinue reading
  • Because it is likely to snow, can you cancel?

    Looking at the weather forecast, can it be canceled because snow is likely to shake? There are many inquiries, but basically this is a snowyContinue reading
  • Are there supermarkets or convenience stores nearby?

    There is no super convenience store near by.
    The Supermarket Nishigaki Ukawa Store where ingredients etc. can be purchased near the hotel wContinue reading
  • Is there a parking lot?

    There is a private parking lot in front of the accommodation facility and in front of the hot spring facility.
    The busy season (GoldenContinue reading
  • Is there any facilities that can be enjoyed with children in the surrounding area?

    In summer, you can enjoy swimming in the sea.
    By foot, the journey is 10 minutes.The way back is 15 minutes.

    You can catch a fishing boat bContinue reading
  • Is there shampoo and body soap?

    As a personal belongings, body soap, rinse in shampoo, toothbrush, towel, bath towel, work clothes, bedding (futon, pillow)

    As a cooking utContinue reading
  • I'd like to check in early, but ....

    Customers who wish for early check-in please let us know the expected arrival time in the remarks column.※I will receive 1000 yen per hour.

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