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  2. Hot spring facilities in Kyotango city

Hot spring facilities in Kyotango city

Yasaka-Ashiginu Onsen

  • 548 Kibashi, Yasaka Town, Kyotango City, 0772-65-2000

    25 minutes by car from Ukawaonsen Yoshinonosato

    Opening Hours: From 10:00 to 22:00 (Final reception 21:30)
    closing day : Every Wednesday (Business days when it is a holiday)
    Bathing fee: Adult(s)(Middle school student) ¥ 600
       children(3 years old ~ elementary school student) ¥ 400
       Infants(Children under age 3.) Free
       handicapped·Care carer, Adult \ 400·Children \ 300
    Hot spring spring quality: Sodium · calcium sulfate fountain (Hypotonic alkaline high spring)

    Yasaka-Ashiginu Onsen is located in the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture, in the middle of the Tango Peninsula.
    It opened in March 1995.
    It is divided into a restaurant, an administrative building with a shop and a hot spring building with a bathhouse. The two buildings are connected by an aerial bridge (total length 50 m) at a height of 25 m above the ground.