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Hotel Facilities

Hotel Facilities

The hot spring building has a restaurant (closed in winter), a seafood creative dish Takashima (open in winter), an accommodation reception, and a Marche (souvenirs, local vegetables, liquor, jams, etc.).

The accommodation building is across the road.

Facility map in this facility

It is a facility where you can enjoy the scent of the forest, the fresh breeze of the sea, and the blessings of nature.
Relax and soak in the hot springs, stroll through the forest, eat delicious food and enjoy the nature of Ukawa.

Facilities in the facility list

Wood deck, 2F Saloon, Hot spring table tennis table, Marche (Fresh vegetable department, Ukawa processing place corner, Jam department, Sake brewery)
  • Wood deck

    Seasonal flowers and wrapped in the sun.

    Overlooking the majestic Sea of Japan

    Integrate with nature

    I can forget the flow of time.  

    You can encounter wild monkeys if you are lucky.
  • Ukawa Marche

    Within the Marche, fresh vegetables with local farmers put in pieces are displayed every day.

    Kyotango is also a variety of fruits every season,

    Starting with seasonal fruits,

    Jams using fruits collected on the premises are also popular.

    There are also seafood from the sea town and handmade crafts by local craftsmen.

    In addition, we have a lot of miscellaneous goods such as stylish equipment.

    Guests are also encouraged to cook with local vegetables and seafood in their rooms!
  • Sake sake corner

    Kyotango is also famous for producing sake.

    Beautiful water and delicious rice will produce delicious liquor with the grace of Geo.

    From 300 ml small bottle to 1 bottle we stock it.

    Please taste delicious sake from Kyotango.
  • Freshly baked corner

    Enjoy the freshly baked bread of the famous Swiss "Hiestand".

    Bake to match the opening at 11 o'clock.

    Starting with classic butter gifferi, gourmet gifferi,

    In addition, various baked breads are prepared for each season.

    Please enjoy with hot coffee at eat-in corner.
  • 2F Saloon

    We are opening the 2F salon as a hot spring table tennis court.

    How about table tennis while watching the spectacular view of the Sea of Japan from the window?

    Usage fee: Half an hour, 500 yen

    We also accept banquets and seminars.