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Seafood creative dish, Takashima also opens in winter.

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    • Seafood creative dish, Taka
       The restaurant will be closed in winter from 2018.11.1 (Monday) to 2019.3.15 (Sunday), but the seafood creator dish, Takashima is operating normally.

      Seafood creative dish, Taka

      Opening Hours, 12 o'clock to 3 pm, 17: 00-20: 00

      Ukawa Hot Springs Located in Yoshino no sato facilities, from here the meal while looking at the sea is exceptional.

      Fixed holiday, Thursday (There are times when I will be closed due to circumstances)
      We serve light meals such as udon and rice bowl, mainly with a cheap seafood menu.

      For details, please check below.

      Kenji Tanaka, 09090996938