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  • recommendation! Activities

    • You can enjoy natural hot spring at the campsite. Reservation is scheduled to start from 1/15/2020!

      Open-air campsite with a view of the sea, April 1, 2020 (Wednesday), OPEN  

      Auto free site where you can drive in (8 sites)
      Parking lot fee, Free
      Power supply, A kitchen, There is a toilet (Power use is only at some sites)
      8-minute walk to the Sea of Japan
      1st, Weekdays 5000 yen(Tax excluded)6000 yen the day before holidays (Tax excluded)
      Capacity 5 (More than elementary school students)
      additional fee, 1000 yen per person, (Tax excluded)
      For adults (junior high school students and above), 150 yen hot spring tax will be charged separately.

      1 minute walk to the hot spring! Besides, with hot spring bathing ticket
      You can use it again and again until 22:00 during your stay!

      After enjoying the sea bathing in summer, you can soak in the hot spring and enjoy the magnificent view of the Sea of Japan
      You can enjoy leisurely outdoor life.


      2020 reservation will start from 1/15
      For reservations, please contact the Jalan reservation site or the above.

    • ※Fishing experience fee, adult 3,200 yen, child 1,700 yen, cancellation fee will be 100% regardless of the date of reservation. (In the case of cancellation by customer convenience)

      Sea breeze smells, Kyoto in the ocean · experience petit experience

      Easy fishing fishing experience is available on fishing boats. Please enjoy boat fishing as much as you want.

      Maximum number of passengers per boat is 2 to 9. (However, there are only three rods on the ship)

      Time required, 2 hours, (From departure to return trip)
      Departure is 2 course 8: 00 or 10: 10
      Fishing gear, bait, Life jacket, Styrofoam, With ice

      Please come to Nakahama fishing port boarding station.

      There is a ship stop on the tray (August 14th, 15th) (I will not ship with old customs)

      Specific flight cancellation date: Canceled occasionally depending on the weather etc, 7/27, others.
      In the winter, the sea is rough so we are off.

      The boat may get very hot. Please be careful of heat stroke.

      3200 yen/adult, children, 1700 yen required reservation
      ※We may refuse the reservation depending on the weather and the reservation situation.

      For reservation, to here
  • Yoga experience

    We have created a yoga experience plan for hot spring bathing and hotel guests.
    • course content

      Bathing in a hot spring bath, staying at a hall that overlooks the Sea of Japan with yoga,
      It is a course that you will experience.

      Recommended for this one!
      ·I want to improve my discomfort such as low back pain, stiff shoulder stiffness and constipation.
      ·I want to improve my posture.
      ·I want to spend time relaxing stress relief.
      ·I want to diet easily.
      ·I want to do what I can to maintain health and prevent aging.

      The venue will be held in the hall Ukawaonsen Yoshinonosato.
      Reservation required, 0772-76-1000, info@ukawaonsen.jp
      Cost, flat 12000 yen for 1 to 10 people
      Time, 80 minutes
      Necessary things, bath towels, yoga mat if you have, drinks
          With easy-to-wear clothes (No jeans allowed)

      Instructor introduction
      Acquired qualifications for the US Yoga Alliance · Senior Yoga Leader · Caring Yoga Therapy Leader
      Maitri Heart Yoga Organizer, Maruco

      Depending on the venue and lecturer's convenience, we may not be able to accept your reservation.
  • Recommended spot

    • Kyogamisaki Lighthouse

      It is about a 10-minute drive from Yoshinonosato, Ukawaonsen.

      From here, the view of the Sea of Japan is amazing.
      It is a point that attracts many photographers.

      Local preservation society was established and event is held and is full of traffic.
    • Ikari Plateau Ranch

      It is a 15-minute drive from Ukawaonsen Yoshinonosato.

      There are pastures and steak houses where goats, sheep and cows are raised.
      The Steak House is a very well-received restaurant offering delicious steaks.

      It is a recommended spot for children and animals who like it.
    •           Yumetango no Mori

      Countryside Gurashi experience Yumetango no Mori

      Ukawaonsen Yoshinonosato, drive further to Satoyama for about 10 minutes.
      A village rich in nature named Ueyama spreads out.

      Ueyama, there is a log house built using local cedars, led by Kuwahara married couple and Kuwahara married couple Sugawara, who are Yumekusha.

      Goemon's bath, life without electricity, farming experience, charcoal burning experience, log cabin, stove, etc.
      You can enjoy the living space you can not experience.

      There is no plan particular, so please call for details.

      Yumetango no Mori, Contact information, 〒627-0247, Kyotango City, 198 Ueyama, Tango Town
               Kuwahara, Fern, Setsuko
               Tel, 0772-76-0949
  • Pets

    Pets are not allowed within the facility.
    ※Pets are welcome at the campsite.
     (Please do not release the lead. Keep an eye on your pets. Hun, please put in the trash bag to hand over. )

    We introduce the Pet house of Kyotango City where you can deposit important pets during your stay.

    • Pet house, takao

      Pet house takao.
      Since our pet hotel is a cum / shop at home, it is safe to stay 24 hours staff.
      The room is equipped with gauge and air conditioner.
      We also do trimming.
      It is about 50 minutes at 21km from Ukawaonsen.
      〒629-3241, 49 Kitsu, Amino Town, Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture, Opening Hours, From 10:00 to 17:00