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  • Fishing experience

    • Sea breeze smells, Kyoto in the ocean · experience petit experience

      Easy fishing fishing experience is available on fishing boats. Do not fish, please enjoy boat fishing as much as you want.

      The maximum number of people per boat can be up to 9 people. (However, there are only three rods on the ship. )

      Time required, 2 hours, (From departure to return trip)
      Departure is only 2 course 8: 00 or 10: 10.
      Fishing gear, bait, With a life jacket

      You will move by yourself to the Nakahama fishing port of the boarding area.

      On the Bon Festival (14th, 15th), there is a boat stop, customs from ancient times do not bring out a ship.

      Specific flight cancellation date: Canceled occasionally depending on the weather etc, 7/27, others.
      In winter, the sea is rough so we are off.

      The boat may get very hot. Everyone, please be careful with heat stroke.

      Adults 3200 yen, children, 1,700 yen. Reservation required.

      For reservation, to here
  • Recommended spot

  • Pets

    Unfortunately we do not allow pets to be brought in this facility.

    But pets are no longer part of their family.

    Therefore, it is an introduction of a pet house in Kyotango-shi where you can hold important pets during your stay.

    • Pet House, takao

      It is a pet house takao.
      Since our pet hotel is a cum / shop at home, it is safe to stay 24 hours staff.
      The room is equipped with gauge and air conditioner.
      We also do trimming.

      〒629-3241, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture Tango City Amino-machi 49, Opening Hours, From 10:00 to 17:00